Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm installing a revolving door!

Just kidding! We have had visitors again!

As you all know, I love to entertain and host, so this is never a problem!

DH's dad retired at the first of March, and since then, I think they've been on the road half that time! They are busy playing catch up visiting all the places they never had time to go to before! It works well for us b/c they put us on the itinerary...TWICE! They just turned on Gertie (the GPS) and away they went!

So, they finally made it into town a week or so ago...we put both of them to work! DH had DAD working in the garage, and I had Ma helping me with Shi's quilt blocks. (hey, soemthing's gotta keep me busy till I get all my blocks!) The kids LOVED it!

Hurricane loved helping dada and papa in the garage, and Rain just loved gramma and grampa doting over her...she got to play games with grandma, and grandpa took her to school. Then one afternoon, mom took a nap, and she woke up at 3.45! I came flying out of my bedroom, wild eyed and wild haired. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen and all I could say was "Rain"....well grandpa had picked her up from school and taken her to play practice, all while I slumbered away! Thanks papa!

Then one night, Rain got this wild hair (literally) to do papa and Hurricane's hair....here are the results.... what you have to understand is that a) dad's hair never has one piece out of place. b) you can't see it, but there is so much pomade in his head that there are white spots in his hair...think "something about mary". and in the back of his head, well it's just a white blob! So bless his heart for being a sport! As soon as Raine went to bed that night, dad was in the shower!

Other than the regular putzin around, we didn't do much...I cooked, we ate, and overate, and I got harrassed for using every dish and tool in my kitchen...I have earned the title of cooking like Gma Locker! Well, she's a good cook, so I guess thats a compliment now then isn't it?

They are due in town again this weekend to spend Mom's Day with us and then head back home for a week or two before they start the next road trip!

But here's one last pic of the kids and papa....just to send you off with!

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