Monday, March 17, 2008 be continued...continued!

So I have more pics and updates...I may have to continue this later b/c blogspot has shut me off sending pictures! Oops!
Well, guess I will work on mom's project! I do have a goal mom! I promise!
Loves to all !

My hell, where have you been?

That's right! It's been over a month now since I posted where have I been you ask? Duh! Raising kids! But to make up for it, I am putting in lots of good pics and a looooooooooong blog about our lives this past month!

Where to begin...

All I want for Christmas (or Easter) is my two front teeth!

Rain has successfully lost her two front teeth! It's pretty cute! She doesn't seem to have a problem talking though, so it's not too bad! She is really into Junie B Jones right now, so she is reading Junie B. Toothless Wonder. She is enjoying it!

Ski School Graduation!- Rain had four ski lessons this year, and did wonderfully at them all! One week DH went with her, and she really enjoyed that! I can't wait to get up there next year! DH says the snow is very similar to Utah snow, so I am counting down the days already!

My February challenge for a scrap page!

I was just excited b/c this is one of my pages I finished within a you know that is really tough for me!

Why do I bother buying my kids toys?

So, seriously, we buy this kennel for Cap so he can come to California with us. Put it together, and the dog won't come within ten feet of the damn thing, but the kids....well, that's a different story all together!
Looks like I've run out of room on this post, I will need to start a new be continued....

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