Monday, January 7, 2008

Why my six year old shouldn't babysit!

Well, I asked Rain to keep an eye on Hurricane while I finished up getting dinner on the table. (That is such a hard part of the day isn't it?) Anyway, she took him back in her room and closed the door. (First hint to mom) I finished up dinner, greeted DH and was able to actually talk to him for a few minutes, all with out a little voice asking if I could take Hurricane back. (Mom's second hint). They were quiet, but it was's third hint. When I called them for dinner, I got giggles all the way down the hall...oh no....what did I do?


Anonymous said...

too cute! Zayn looks like he really enjoyed it! First indication that something isnt right is when it's QUIET. We all learn the hard way

Anonymous said...

You've slacked off! Write some more so I can write back!

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