Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So what is it???!!!

Guess what today was? Our ultrasound! We have one of each, so what else do we want you ask? I think a boy....they ARE easier, and with the two youngers so close, it would be nice to have them be the same gender. It would save us tons on baby clothes, I wouldn't have to change the nursery, and when they get older, they could do sports together.

However, this pregnancy has been very hormonally driven, so I wonder if we are actually going to have a girl.

We have names picked out for both...if it's a boy his name will be Nykolas Dean. Nykolas b/c we haven't found any funky boy names we can agree on....boy names are hard! And Dean for my dad.

Our girls names are: Mara(after my great grandma Margaret) Grace or Evangeline (After my grandma) Lilly ( after DH's gma). Girls names are SO easy!

Oh, the stress!

Well, now that I have driven you all crazy with THE question.......without further ado....

Guess it's Nykolas Dean born on June 16th is my prediction! He wants to share Su's bday!

Yay!!!! My life just got easier! Oh yeah, this makes number three all correct genders using the chinese birth calendar! It really does work.

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Anonymous said...

wow, another boy..congratulations but I must say, I think I need to apologize to GOD for many years ago asking for only BOYS!!! I always said they were so much easier. This is a lesson to us all to be careful what we ask for. Out of almost 7 grandkids, only TWO girls? What's up with that? I need more girls, hint..hint. Now that my girls are grown I must say, they are so much more fun than those darn boys! They actually sympathize with the problems we women go through and I can talk to them like they are my friends (which they ARE) Well, I am psyched and whatever the sex, I'm excited for you. Good luck and we love ya.
Mommie chong and daddy-o

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