Monday, December 29, 2008

I had leftover Crab meat sooooo......

We blew it out for Christmas Eve. Our original plan was to have an early dinner with Rob and Brandie family and then go down to Candlelight. Well, it snowed for like three days straight, so instead we had an early dinner then played dominoes! It was awesome! Anyway, I have all this left over Crab. I knew we needed to eat it, but somehow reheating it and dipping it in butter just was not appealing to me...I hate that fishy smell you get after the first day ya know?
So, tonights dinner was born! Crab Bisque and Crab and Chicken Ravioli's with a Lemon Cream Sauce! It was so freakin good, I thought I'd share with you!

Crab Bisque
You need:
stick of unsalted margarine you goof!
1 c. corn...frozen or canned whatever if its canned, drain it!
2 cans cream of celery me on this!
equal parts of white wine (I used Chardonnay) and half and half/cream/milk/evaporated milk...what ever you have. I used about half a cup of each.
couple stalks of celery, diced thin
green and red peppers diced (for color)
half white onion diced
garlic...of course! Three or so cloves, depends on how much you like garlic...oh and mince it!
Crab--the more the better, but at least a cup of crabmeat
salt and pepper to taste
2 bay leaves

So you've got it what? I chopped everything first cuz once you get going, you're going to need things quickly.
Put your soup pot over med/high heat and dump your butter in there. Once melted, add celery,peppers,onion and garlic....salt and pepper it, let saute til fragrant.
Add the celery soup, and corn stir to combine
Add the wine and milk (or what ever you have for milk)
Thyme, maybe a tablespoons worth
And the bayleaves. Stir again, then put a lid over it and let simmer for at least 20 minutes. I let mine simmer a few hours.
10 or so minutes before serving, add crabmeat...heat through (4-5min)
Use an immersion blender or your food processor or blender and blend soup. So you have a nice creamy, hearty soup! Alternatively you don't have to blend it, you can eat it as is...I just blended it cuz thats how I remember a bisque!

So, the ravioli...first off, does anyone have some tips for folding raviolis and making them pretty? Mine sucked! The fold job did anyway!
I'm not going to share this recipe just yet! While the ravioli's were magnifique, they were also time consuming. I know there is an easier way to use this flavor combo, so it's back to the ATK for me...Ashleigh Test Kitchens.
I'll get back to you!

Now, I just need to finish off this prime rib in the fridge...I'm thinking Carne Asada in my new crockpot my mom gave me for christmas!
I'll letcha know!
Till next time....loves!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Pics, wardrobe malfunctions and Gingerbread Faceoff!

Yeah, there's a lot to be said in this post! Lets start with Christmas Pictures! So, if you know us, you know we have a ton of pictures of the kids, but not really family pics, or pics of just DH and me. B and I had vowed that we were going to hire her photographer to come out and take pics of our families...but we were waiting for the snow to fly. Like the rest of the world we are experiencing an unusually warm fall (at least warmer than last years) so, here it was the weekend before Thanksgiving and we still had no snow. Mind you, we did our Christmas Cards on my birthday, so we were just waiting for the pictures to send them off. (Now when really will you get your cards is an entirely different subject!) So we decided to take matters into our own hands, we went up, found a spot, staged part of it, and left the other site natural. We got some WAY cute pics!
Our little family, we have better ones, but they will be included in said Christmas cards. THis was our stage (duh ash, ya mean they don't have presents and christmas balls on trees naturally?)
And this is the natural setting. I love Rain yawning and Hurricane crying! IT makes me laugh!
Here's one of my faves of the boys!
Yes, I think I will blow this one up and print it!
So, then we moved to pictures of me and DH....we really don't have pics of us by ourselves that date past the wedding and, well lets get some! Right? Ohhhh! So that's why we don't take together pictures! Look at my face!!!!I don't know what he was doing, but I was pretty grossed out by it! And lets face it, that is the grossest face I could pull too!!!!!

Ahh, well, onward, lets see if the next one turned out any better?
Awww! Cute....there is a redeeming picture of the two of us....nope, wait, what is that I spy??? Take a really good look at my shirt tails!!!
Yep, they're crooked....nope, nothing to drink...yet. All the sudden, flashes of the Janet Jackson superbowl debacle flood my mind and shatter my hopes that THIS year, we may have some pictures worth a thousand words...good words, not snorts and giggles!
Hmph. Maybe next year I'll get the professional photographer, maybe s/he will notice all the little details sucha as my shirt is buttoned wrong...then again maybe not!

So, we went to Wally world Sunday after church. Remember the ever elusive Wally World on the Griswold Family Vacation....have you ever thought that today's Wally World is the same in so many ways? WE pack up our family with such high expectations of finding soulful zen (or at least a great bargain) there, just to come out feeling tired, worn, and cranky...hmmm. Anyway, a.d.d. kicked in we went to Wally. And first thing we see is a gingerbread house. We thought, "what a fun project to do with the kids!" But we didn't want the easy no we wanted to make our own. We got the stuff, dragged the kids through wally for hours (days if you talk to renne) then made our lovely trek home! By the time we got home, this was no longer an innocent, fun, lets-do-it-with-the-kids project. This was our Gingerbread Faceoff! Who was gonna be better, blah blah blah. rain's survived many collapses, apparently DH forgot about support whatevers the house imploded...twice. Meanwhile, mine and Hurricane's went up pretty fast...never mind it looks like a house you would see on Harry Potter! It's crooked (kinda like my shirt) and there's an errant graham cracker that sticks out more than the rest, but ours didn't collapse...twice!
We put the pictures on FB and had our friends and fam vote...DH and Rain won...bragging rights for the whole year, but no worries...Hurricane and I have already begun construction on our house for next year! We're using real gingerbread, and snow glitter, and some other top secret items! Yes, we have implemented a new holiday tradition...Gingerbread Houses!
The pic on the left is Rain's...notice the Rolo terds that are supposed to be a chimney, and look at the back, it was imploding as I was snapping the picture! Then their's mine and Hurricane's...tall, yes, crooked, uh-huh, but still beautiful haha!
Well, we had fun, and I had fun sharing this with you! Loves to all of you!
Our fam!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I love his laugh!

With family so far away, it's hard to really convey over the phone or email, the delights of things the kids learn! Tornado is a talker...and a laugher! And his laugh is we got it on ya go!

Ahh but of course...the Halloween Pics!

Yep, Halloween has come and has Hurricane's bday. That poor child will forever be overshadowed on his birthday! I can see it now...."yeah dude lets have a ragin Halloween bash this year....oh yeah and we'll throw in a cake (decorated Halloween-y) so you think we're blowin out your bday as well!" We didnt even get around to his cake and singing Happy Birthday til last night!!!! Does that make us bad parents? Can I change his birthday to IDK April 30? There's a six month time lapse, but hey, what else really is going on that time of year? The birthday parties would be better! Some may even include a pool, or other large body of water! Hmmmm I may be onto something.....
Anywho....on to Halloween....
Rain's class celebrated Reformation instead, so they all got to wear jammies to school! So the boys and I followed suit and showed up in jammies. We painted faces, bobbed for apples, and did this doughnut eating was alot of fun!
As for trick or treating, there is but one neighborhood in Pagosa that does trick or treating! Partially b/c we are so spread out, and partially b/c there are so many part time residents, you never know what you'll really find. Anyway, so we went there first... There we are! We have....
Pumpkin played by Jacob...Ms Hainer's lil one
Chef Colette (Ratatouille) ...Rain
Snow White...Rylie (Rob and Brandie's daughter)
Mouse- Yep that would be Hurricane and...
Dragon- Jack Jack!
Where's TT? Oh, there he is! Swaddled in the Moby! With B and Jack Jack...check out my minnie mouse ears...yes that's my hair! Yes those are coffee cups in our hands, and yes they had hot totties in them!
On to Trick or Treat!!! Hurricane didn't really get what we were doing, until that first piece of candy... whew dog, then we couldn't go fast enough! After trick or treating, we went to The Powerhouse, a gathering place for the areas teens. All the churches get together and offer different booths with games and stuff and then the kids get a candy at the end! After all that fun and excitement, we headed home to watch movies and chill.
They boys had gone to a football game, so the girls gabbed and got kids in bed, then we had our adult, no strip poker! Just food, fun, and friends!
And we're still waiting for the snow to fall......(Jaws theme inserted here)
Until next time....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I made the best dinner!

I love Cafe Rio! Whenever we go back to Utah, that is on the list of things to do, places to eat! I am expecially in love with their Creamy Tomatillo Dressing. So I got an google search and various blog sails later I arrived at this point of full tummy zen!!!!
So I thought I'd share!
Dinner menu tonight-
Chicken Tacos
Black Beans
Chicken Tacos......I was going for a Chili's inspiration, and wanted easy crock pot cookin, well lets just say mine were much better than anything I've eaten at Chili's!
4 or so chicken breasts
1 can tomatoes or Rotel
1/4 c salsa verde if your not using Rotel
1 packet of Taco Seasoning
1 can chicken broth or tomato sauce
2-3 cloves of garlic
Salt and Pepper
Throw it all in, mix it up, put the lid on and cook 4-6 hours on low.
When your ready to put your tacos together, I grilled my tortillas in oil to crispy them, added sharp cheddar and the chicken mix. THATS ALL!!!!

Tomatillo Dressing
2 or so cloves of garlic minced
1-2 tomatillos or 2T salsa verde if no tomatillos on hand
1/2 bunch of cilantro
1c mayo
1c butter milk (or half milk half sour cream)
1 packet ranch dressing
Juice from one lime
Throw it all in a blender and blend....easy huh?

Cilantro Lime Rice
2c uncooked rice
4c chicken broth or 3c broth 1c water
2-3 garlic cloves minced
juice from one lime
1t butter
Tomatillo dressing
Add all ingredients but dressing to a saucepan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer till rice is done. Add dressing to desired consistency and call it good.
This was an ok, but I may have to do some tweaking on it, I'll let you know.

Cafe Rio Black Beans
Olive Oil
Garlic 2-3 cloves
2 cans black beans rinsed and drained
1 can tomato juice or half a can tomato sauce and the same amt water
2T chopped cilantro (see a pattern! I used the entire bunch of cilantro on this dinner! Which is good because usually it goes bad in the fridge. Plus Sean hates cilantro, but told me this was definitely a do again!)

Heat oil in saucepan, add garlic, about 1t or so of cumin, and salt. Saute til fragrant. Add black beans, and tomato juice. The longer you can let this cook, the better the flavor cuz you can cook the liquid down. Add the cilantro at the end. Add salt if needed but ONLY after you've added your cilantro and are sure you now need salt!

So to give credit where due, I adapted these recipes from

gotta be fair right?
Anyway, hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Fall Fun at our house

AS with everyone, we are experiencing an unusually warm October! It's hard to believe that in three short days, it will be Halloween, and consequently Hurricane's second birthday!
Rain had gone to a Pumpkin patch down in Aztec, NM with her class. The boys and I didn't go due to our Plague sickness we had! Anywhoooooo we decided to go down that weekend.
What you can't see on this pic of Hurricane is that he has a bag of popcorn that he was conspiratorally shoving down his throat like there was no tomorrow!
The kids had fun though! We did a corn maze, then there was this little playground that used dried corn. Hurricane would go down this slide and dig his head into the corn!
He is a goof!
Anyway, we did face painting, and train riding, then went on a hayride to the Pumpkin Patch part!

No Pumpkin weekend is complete without a little carving wouldn't you say?
As you can see by the disgust on both kids faces, pulling seeds out was not their favorite part...but man did it make for some good pics!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Little Diesel

My sister had a baby on the 5th, and this poor little guy just had a hard time getting started.

It has been really hard for me b/c I am so used to being the caretaker of the family, and I am hundreds of miles from where I really want to be. This page is therapy per se...therapy for me because I wanted to be there with Shi through that difficult time, but also I think there will be a day that Shi looks back and says, I wish I had some keepsakes of that whirlwind part of my life, and all the feelings have faded in time. So this is a gift to my sister...Shi you have shown amazing strength and grace. You are my shining star.

Love you!


Paper- On Angels Wings- K Pertiet DD
Crown- Biebel Rak Scraps May 08 Kit
Feet- M Bennett Bundle of Boy
Love you dot- K Pertiet DD Greeting Dots
Brushes- A Soft Rainfall KK Swirl RAKscraps
Andrea Victoria Web brush DD Freebie
DD Ad Challenge Freebie
K Pertiet Frostbitten frame DD
Font- DJB Megan

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two pages in one day?

That's right! That never happens! I took advantage of Rain being with her dad and DH being home to play in Adobe all day!

My 30 minute page

I had a chat today on my favorite Digi I logged in to do a 30 minute challenge chat!

It was a ton of fun, and a good challenge, because as some of you may already know, it takes me HOURS to do a page b/c well it just here is my page...I did go back and add the lyrics later and a few of the embellishments, but this was the final product!

Hope you like!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Announcing my newest force of nature!

Isn't he a babe! We love him!

Here's our little man! My mom came out a week before the baby got here, so I had her all to myself for the week! We walked and talked and I showed her around town and let her into a glimpse of our everyday lives here. Then on the 19th, I wasn't feeling the same. I was feeling a few pains but nothing to count on. At around noon we went on a walk and a few times I had to stop. We just waited it out then around two or so we started counting. At around four we called the midwives. Then we got a hold of DH. by the time DH got there, I was starting to get a little uncomfortable, and I watched this flurry happen all around me. Mom and DH got the tub ready, pulled stuff out of the birthing box, made coffee, just got the house ready. Juanita and Joy got there around 630 and said I was at a 5! Yay active labor! B came and got Hurricane and we just set to the business of laboring. I couldn't get into the tub til I was at a 6 so I kept walking around trying to get myself to that point! I just remember asking repeatedly if I could get in yet b/c I remember how soothing it was with Hurricane. Next time they checked I was at a 7 so I hopped in that bad boy...well apparently Tornado relaxed a little too much cuz next thing I know they are Baby and our midwife Juanita.
pulling me out. We then danced and I do mean danced for a bit and labored for a bit then danced some more...then it was time. I had to birth him on my bed as opposed to the tub as originally planned, but it all worked out. From the time they broke my bag of waters and I started pushing to the time Tornado was born in twenty minutes. All in all active labor was 3.10...not bad for a 10.2 baby! Now he's six weeks old and amazing us everyday! He smiles and coo's and tries to laugh. He is AN ANGEL BABY! He's so good and patient and sweet, I just love him more each day! Loves to all!
DH and Baby....he's always this content!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My PSE day with Aunti Kim

We're in Salt Lake for three weeks.  What originally started out as a working vacation was transformed into just vacation when they pushed our trial back to November.  I can always find things to do with my SLC visits, so the extra time was welcomed!  One thing I did was plan a day to go up to my aunti Kim's and teach her a few things on PSE...Photoshop Elements for those of you non digi-scrap-photographers!  We had so much fun!  So I had to include our first page....this is my cousin Mitch's son Easton isn't he cute?

Where's the baby?

Hi all!
Just a quickie to say, I know I need to get pics up of Tornado, but rest assured he is and sound, I just haven't had a moment to myself to play on blogspot! I'm so excited to share with you all the great experience that is Tornado. He is amazing! Such a good boy! I will be back soon all! Thank you all!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My son the bruiser

So, we sent Rain off to spend part of the summer with her dad. She left the day after school let out (May 31). So we have had this time with just Hurricane. It's been really nice because I have just played with him during the day, doing things he wants and getting to know him as an individual. It's been a nice thing to do before baby comes b/c never again will it just be Hurricane, there will always be one or both of the other kids too.
Anyway, I have seen his personality really come out! He is my little comedian! But he is also ALL boy! So for the summer I gave him an all boy haircut...a faux hawk! Tell me that's not adoreable! Now ask me in 14 years when he tries the same do, I may have a problem with it! But for now he's a babe!

I have also learned another aspect of my son's personality...he is accident prone! Hence this lil diddy! He was outside with dad and climbed into one of those captain chairs and went over the back of it onto the cement. Then we get calmed down from that spill and he knocks the back of his head on the cement not an hour later! So now he looks like he's been in a bar brawl! But wait it gets better! A few days later when gramma Lesa gets here, he is jumping on my bed and faceplants it onto the floor. Instant bloody nose! Then it started bruising on the bridge of his nose and under his eyes and I thought oh great! He's gonna have two black eyes! Someone is surely going to be calling CPS! But he never got em!
I have also learned that Hurricane is an exhibitionist! "Pants? We no need no stinkin Pants!"
I love that boy of mine!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My very talented husband!

When we were preggers with Hurricane, my nesting included redoing the kids room. We painted, and put bead board up and repainted a dresser....the whole nine yards. Not to mention I made him wash windows, scrub EVERYTHING with Clorox, and do millions of loads of laundry!

So this baby, he thought he might be in the did he think WRONG!

I gave him a honey do that included a new headboard for our we currently don't have any thing that ever resembled a proper bed! I also asked for a new kitchen table for our expanding family, and a bed frame for Hurricane's big boy bed that needs to look like the bow of a boat!

Here is my headboard....
Isn't that beautiful? The inlay is Aspen with a clear coat then poplar for the frame. We painted the frame a chocolate brown color, it is GORGEOUS! don't you all wish your hubbys were as talented as mine ; ) just kiddiing!
I love it!

School is done...finally, and other brags!

Hi all!

Well it has been a busy past month...after we sent Pam and Tom on there mighty way, we got down to the business of finishing up school, and all the activities that accompany that! We started out with Laurenne's spring program at school....J-Force the Musical. They did an amazing job. Here she is in all the hustle and bustle.

One of the churches in the community puts this childrens choir together, and they have a lot of fun. So we had her community choir performance, Jailhouse Rock.

Then somewhere in there, she graduated Cloverbuds, which is 4-H for the 8 years and under...I have to say, never in my life did I think I would get my kids involved in 4-h....c'mon now that's for farmers kids right? Guess the small town got to me! She has one more year in Cloverbuds then she graduates to 4-h. That is when she gets to do a year long project...give you a few guesses what she wants to do...hmmm 4-H, farmers, farm animals....any one know the answer yet?

Sorry, it's sideways....some of my blog knowledge is VERY limited.

Then what happened, oh but of course...the SPELLING BEE!!

Now I have to brag a bit. First off, Challenger was such a great foundation school for her! Secondly she has just taken off! Thirdly, she has a great school and staff at Lutheran too! So she tested into second grade at the beginning of the year right? Well halfway through the year her teachers approached Sean and I and brought up the idea of moving her up to 3rd grade for her reading and spelling. They tested her, and she did fabulously, so we moved her up for those two subjects only. It's been alot of homework and independent study b/c she basically did a years worth of work in 12-16 weeks...which meant mom had to help with alot...but she had done great and really enjoyed it. So they will start her in 4th grade reading, English, and Spelling at the beginning of the year. Anyway, lets U-turn this back to the Spelling bee. She participated in the spelling Bee with the THIRD graders and came in THIRD after joining the group for 10 weeks! So we are proud of our little smarty pants!

Then we had a field trip to the Durango Rec Center...that was alot of fun!

So I couldn't find a pic of Laurenne, she was too busy playing with classmates to hang around mom, but here's Zayn-y B...we tried to drown him while we were there....this has never happened to me, so I felt horrible, but the whole area is a walk in pool with all these toys right? Well the water he was playing in went up to his knees tops, I'm talking to one of the other moms, and see Brandie (Ms McCabe) running out to where the water gets a little deeper...after my child, who has decided the slide is no longer fun, he is going to venture out to the little shower thing. Yeah, scare of my life!

Then we had awards night...Laurenne and one other boy Colton got awards for excellence in academics, which means miss smarty pants maintained an above 96 average THE ENTIRE YEAR!
Well, I think that finished off the school year! OMG! I can't believe a whole year has passed! I sent her off with her Dad on Saturday, and won't see her until the middle of July! I am kinda sad she won't be there to see her baby brother born, but it is for the best...we have a very full summer planned for the second half when she will be with us, so it will be memorable for her! So now I just have Zayn to worry about, and then Three, which should be making his appearance any time now!
Love to all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Home Visit with my midwives!

Well, we finally got the g'head for our eagerly anticipated home birth!
Apparently my heart misfires...but it's a normal abnormality if that makes yay we got the clearance from a cardiologist! So Juanita (one of the midwives) came out to the house today and we went thru what to expect etc etc...I am so excited!
DH's parents were here too, so they were able to meet one of our midwives at least. But they approve, so that's good!
I had a few questions about here are the answers...
Yes, the midwives are highly trained.
Yes they put us at the center of the birth, not on the outskirts.
Yes, they work with us as part of the team, instead of excluding us in the team process.
Yes, they facilitate water birth, any position birth, and are open to what we feel comfortable with.
Yes, they clean up afterwards (and make dinner, and make sure baby's nursing, and mom and dad are good, they they tuck you in tight and leave)
Yes they do follow up visits, one day, four days after birth at home, then two months down the road at their office.
Yes, they have wonderful relationships with the OB's and Peds at the hospital, as well as the emergency staff, so should there be any sort of emergency, they are calling ahead making arrangements and getting you and/or baby where they need to be....they're not afraid of asking for help if needed.
No they don't work in high risk births.
Yes they had lots of school, and hands on training.
Yes they are regulated by the state...very heavily.
Yes they massage/touch/accupressure as you are comfortable with.
Yes, they are there for more than just catching the baby, they come when you call and stay till you are ready for them to leave.
Yes, they can do all the tests right there (apgar, eye ointment, vitamin k)
No, they don't circumcise.
I think that was it for now!
I will keep you updated!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm installing a revolving door!

Just kidding! We have had visitors again!

As you all know, I love to entertain and host, so this is never a problem!

DH's dad retired at the first of March, and since then, I think they've been on the road half that time! They are busy playing catch up visiting all the places they never had time to go to before! It works well for us b/c they put us on the itinerary...TWICE! They just turned on Gertie (the GPS) and away they went!

So, they finally made it into town a week or so ago...we put both of them to work! DH had DAD working in the garage, and I had Ma helping me with Shi's quilt blocks. (hey, soemthing's gotta keep me busy till I get all my blocks!) The kids LOVED it!

Hurricane loved helping dada and papa in the garage, and Rain just loved gramma and grampa doting over her...she got to play games with grandma, and grandpa took her to school. Then one afternoon, mom took a nap, and she woke up at 3.45! I came flying out of my bedroom, wild eyed and wild haired. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen and all I could say was "Rain"....well grandpa had picked her up from school and taken her to play practice, all while I slumbered away! Thanks papa!

Then one night, Rain got this wild hair (literally) to do papa and Hurricane's are the results.... what you have to understand is that a) dad's hair never has one piece out of place. b) you can't see it, but there is so much pomade in his head that there are white spots in his hair...think "something about mary". and in the back of his head, well it's just a white blob! So bless his heart for being a sport! As soon as Raine went to bed that night, dad was in the shower!

Other than the regular putzin around, we didn't do much...I cooked, we ate, and overate, and I got harrassed for using every dish and tool in my kitchen...I have earned the title of cooking like Gma Locker! Well, she's a good cook, so I guess thats a compliment now then isn't it?

They are due in town again this weekend to spend Mom's Day with us and then head back home for a week or two before they start the next road trip!

But here's one last pic of the kids and papa....just to send you off with!

It's almost time!

Hi all!

We have six weeks left...well five and a half but who's counting right? The baby is developing well and mom is doing fine! This pregnancy has gone by so fast! We have made the decision to birth the baby at home, in a tub, with the assistance of two midwives. I am beside myself with excitement, but mostly relief! Finally a birth the way I want, in the comfort of my own home! Questions? ASK!!! I'm more than happy to tell!

Anyway...the approaching deadline brings about another deadline...that of the quilt blocks! You guys...let me tell you how excited I am with the way this has come out so far! I am sending pics b/c I am SO proud at what you all have done! For those of you working on yours, I am looking to have them all by the 15th of May...that gives me a month to put the quilt together! happy quilting!
Here are just a few pics of the blocks I've received so far! Blogspot wont' let me publish them all individually like I wanted to, but I think you can zoom in on the pic with all of the blocks and see them a little better.
Well that's all for now...I've got Shi's quilt I'm working on and DH's parents coming into town Thursday, so guess I better jet!
Love you all!


Monday, March 17, 2008 be continued...continued!

So I have more pics and updates...I may have to continue this later b/c blogspot has shut me off sending pictures! Oops!
Well, guess I will work on mom's project! I do have a goal mom! I promise!
Loves to all !

My hell, where have you been?

That's right! It's been over a month now since I posted where have I been you ask? Duh! Raising kids! But to make up for it, I am putting in lots of good pics and a looooooooooong blog about our lives this past month!

Where to begin...

All I want for Christmas (or Easter) is my two front teeth!

Rain has successfully lost her two front teeth! It's pretty cute! She doesn't seem to have a problem talking though, so it's not too bad! She is really into Junie B Jones right now, so she is reading Junie B. Toothless Wonder. She is enjoying it!

Ski School Graduation!- Rain had four ski lessons this year, and did wonderfully at them all! One week DH went with her, and she really enjoyed that! I can't wait to get up there next year! DH says the snow is very similar to Utah snow, so I am counting down the days already!

My February challenge for a scrap page!

I was just excited b/c this is one of my pages I finished within a you know that is really tough for me!

Why do I bother buying my kids toys?

So, seriously, we buy this kennel for Cap so he can come to California with us. Put it together, and the dog won't come within ten feet of the damn thing, but the kids....well, that's a different story all together!
Looks like I've run out of room on this post, I will need to start a new be continued....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fun with the fam!

I know I know! It's been a while hasn't it?

Life's been busy here!

Last weekend, Mom, Shi and Su came into town...although they planned to leave on Sunday, our lovely weather stuck them here til Tuesday! We had so much fun! The kids played in the mounds and mounds (literally) of snow....(Shi, didn't you take pics of that? I can't find them?)

We had a birthday party.....

And of course the kids played and played and played some more....
So what did the girls do, you ask? Well, we took the kids to the Springs....we enjoyed the hot water, but the kids were content in 85 degree water....I know that sounds hot to you, but add the 5 degrees outside, and all the sudden that 85 isn't enough! Shi and I couldn't hang...but gramma indulged them for a bit!
We layed around....which was wonderfully relaxing, ate (of course) and compared pregnant bellies! Shi's is definitely cuter!
On Saturday, we had massages, sinfully indulgent!
All in all the weekend was super wonderful!
Thanks ladies for coming to see me in my Winter Wonderland!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

She's a natural!

Well, today was Rain's second day skiing! DH went up with her and they seem to have enjoyed their day!

Here are some pics!

There is a video link too!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So what is it???!!!

Guess what today was? Our ultrasound! We have one of each, so what else do we want you ask? I think a boy....they ARE easier, and with the two youngers so close, it would be nice to have them be the same gender. It would save us tons on baby clothes, I wouldn't have to change the nursery, and when they get older, they could do sports together.

However, this pregnancy has been very hormonally driven, so I wonder if we are actually going to have a girl.

We have names picked out for both...if it's a boy his name will be Nykolas Dean. Nykolas b/c we haven't found any funky boy names we can agree on....boy names are hard! And Dean for my dad.

Our girls names are: Mara(after my great grandma Margaret) Grace or Evangeline (After my grandma) Lilly ( after DH's gma). Girls names are SO easy!

Oh, the stress!

Well, now that I have driven you all crazy with THE question.......without further ado....

Guess it's Nykolas Dean born on June 16th is my prediction! He wants to share Su's bday!

Yay!!!! My life just got easier! Oh yeah, this makes number three all correct genders using the chinese birth calendar! It really does work.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Why my six year old shouldn't babysit!

Well, I asked Rain to keep an eye on Hurricane while I finished up getting dinner on the table. (That is such a hard part of the day isn't it?) Anyway, she took him back in her room and closed the door. (First hint to mom) I finished up dinner, greeted DH and was able to actually talk to him for a few minutes, all with out a little voice asking if I could take Hurricane back. (Mom's second hint). They were quiet, but it was's third hint. When I called them for dinner, I got giggles all the way down the hall...oh no....what did I do?

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